Email me:  swarms@Maldonbeekeepers.org.uk

Have a problem with bees?

Have a problem with something that looks like a bee?

Looking for guidance?

Use our “Identify your bee” page for help. You may have a bumblebee or a solitary bee. Or you may have wasps!

Our Swarm Co-ordinator will ask you some questions about the flying insects you have and will help identify them, advising what can be done and what we can do.  You will be asked to email a photograph – this will help us give you the best guidance possible.

If we can help, we will contact a beekeeper and swarm collector near to where you live who will contact you about your problem.

Please remember – All our swarm collectors are all volunteers.  
Where we can help, we will.

Normally, we only assist with honey bees, however,can provide advice about bumblebees and solitary bees, although we cannot move them.  However, we cannot deal with solitary bees or wasps.

There is a small charge of £50 depending on the complexities of the swarm collection.  This covers all the expenses that we incur in collecting and looking after the bees, as well as providing the equipment and fuel our beekeepers need to do this work.

Please contact

Maldon & Dengie Beekeepers

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Map showing area covered by DMBKA

Area we cover is shown in Green

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