Programme and speakers 2017-18

We are pleased to announce our 2017-2018 Winter Programme and Speakers

For a downloadable copy click the button below

                                                          Speakers 2017-2018 Winter Programme

Venue: The OAKhouse, High Street, Maldon CM9 5PR Time: 730pm for 8pm


20 September – Darren Lerigo Autumn Planting for bees

18 October – Eric Beaumont, Epping Forest Beeks Mistakes made over the winter

15 November – Alan Hart, Bee Farmers What do we do?

12 December (2nd Tue) – Dan, Killer Instinct Wasps – misunderstood?

17 January – George Clouston, Arnia AGM followed by Technology and bee hives

21 February – Clive De Bruyn, EBKA Coping with the swarm urge

21 March – Chad Colby-Blake, Southend Beeks The importance of drones

18 April – Mike Brown, National Bee Unit The role of the NBU in education of hobby beekeepers including BeeBase

Summer 2018 Programme

16 May Apiary meeting – Carters Inspection demonstration and Artificial Swarm

20 June Apiary meeting – Arcadia Marking queens – why do it?

18 July Apiary meeting – Carters Requeening – is it too late?

22 August Apiary meeting – Arcadia Harvesting – dealing with supers and preparing for winter


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