Programme and speakers 2018

We are pleased to announce our 2018 Winter Programme and Speakers

All members meetings at

The OAKhouse, High St, Maldon CM9 6QX

Start at 730pm for 8pm

For a downloadable copy click the button below

Speakers 2018

17 January
AGM at 7pm prompt followed by
8pm George Clouston, Arnia Technology and bee hives

21 February
Chad Colby-Blake, Southend Beeks The importance of drones

21 March
Clive De Bruyn, EBKA Coping with the swarm urge

18 April
Mike Brown, National Bee Unit The role of the NBU in education of hobby beekeepers including BeeBase

Summer 2018 Programme

All Apiary meetings start at 6pm unless otherwise stated

16 May
Apiary meeting – Carters Inspection demonstration and Artificial Swarm

20 June
Apiary meeting – Arcadia Marking queens – why do it?

18 July
Apiary meeting – Carters Requeening – is it too late?

22 August
Apiary meeting – Arcadia Harvesting – dealing with supers and preparing for winter



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