Maldon Beekeepers, welcomes all those who have an interest in bees, the conservation of bees, and other pollinators, and those who support the work we do.

We are involved with a range of local organisations and can be seen at a number of local events as well as the county Honey Show.

If you wish to contact us, please use our general enquiries email below.

Email – general enquiries

– enquiry@dmbka.org.uk

For specific enquiries, here is a list of our committee members and their relevant responsiblities.

Secretary, Training and Swarm Co-ordination

Carlie Mayes

Carlie receives all correspondence for the division and disseminates this as required.

As the Swarm Co-ordinator, Carlie receives and allocates authorised Swarm Collectors (beekeepers) during the Swarm Season – April to July – to attend swarm calls. Carlie can also advise on problems associated with other bees, such as bumblebees and solitary bees. We do not deal with wasp, however, have members who do have experience and expertise in this area.


Jo Boden
Jo is responsible for all matters relating to the funding of the Division, as well as supporting the training that is undertaken, both for potential beekeepers as well as existing beekeepers.
Zoe Bridges (L) and Carlie Mayes (R) at a local Show

Carter’s Apiary Manager – Maldon

Darren Burge:  07565 528605
Assistant:  Carlie Mayes – 07979 862952

Darren undertakes the overseeing of training and management of the divisional apiary in Maldon based at the Maldon Hall Allotment Site.   He is also an authorised Divisional Swarm Collector.

Glenn Mayes (L) Darren Burge (C) Zoe Bridges (R)


Arcadia Road Apiary Manager – Burnham on Crouch

Peter Davidson:  01621 786380 – 07733 410645 peter@dmbka.org.uk
Assistant:  Keith Lomax and Zoe Bridges

Peter undertakes the overseeing of the management of the Divisional Apiary in Maldon based at the Arcadia Road Allotment Site.   He is also an authorised Divisional Swarm Collector.

Peter Davidson tending one of his many hives across the Dengie peninsular

Honorary President

Roy Carter – roy@dmbka.org.uk 
Roy is our Honorary President and a very experienced beekeeper.  

Roy Carter


Mark Hallows – 07764 589908

 As a new beekeeper, Mark has taken on the responsibility of Trustee and is our Divisional representative with Essex Beekeepers, taking forward and looking after the interests of this Division at County level.



Glenn Mayes – 01245 381577 – 07826 339498  chairman@dmbka.org.uk
As our Chairman, Glenn heads our ongoing strategy and development as well as doing the training of new beekeepers.  He is also an authorised Swarm Collector.

Glenn Mayes


If you would like to be involved with any of our work parties, or on the committee, please email:     chairman@dmbka.org.uk

Committee Members:

Kate Tuerena
Ron Pratt
The Committee mets once a month, usually either before or after the Divisional meeting or apiary meeting.