Essex Beekeepers Honey Show 2017

Every year, Essex Beekeepers’ Association holds an Annual Honey Show.  Historically, this has been held at Barleylands, however, in 2016 Barleylands announced the they would no longer be hosting an autumn Country Show.  Consequently, EBKA found itself without a home for its Annual Honey Show and looked around the country for a suitable venue.

2015 EBKA Honey Show

For 2017, the Honey Show will be hosted by the organisers of the Orsett Show, as part of their very successful autumn show.

The organisers of the Orsett Show – Orsett Horticultural & Agricultural Society – are a registered charity with the aim of promoting countryside matters and businesses. Some 300 companies, organisations and charities will be there along with arena events and anticipated attendance of some 11,000 people.

Since 2015, Maldon Beekeepers’ have actively taken part in the county Honey Show and 2017 is no exception.

The class that holds the most fun, for our division, is that of Divisional Show Garden.

Class 51

A “Divisional” garden for enhancing the outside of the marquee. The garden to be maximum of 1 metre deep by at least 1 metre in length. Gardens containing flowers attractive to honeybees will attract extra marks; other flowers may be used exclusively or in combination with bee-attractive flowers. The top six gardens contributing points for their Division towards the President’s Cup.

Watch this space for details of the inspirations behind the garden, the construction of it, including some of the challenges we faced, as well as the plants used.

Divisional Garden 2017

Divisional Garden 2016

Divisional Garden 2015

Show Schedule 2017 (1)

2017 final EBKA Honey Show – EntryForm

All entries must be with the Show Secretary by 29 August 2017

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