Equipment and supplies to hire and for sale

As a member of Maldon & Dengie 100 Beekeepers, you are able to hire a range of equipment.  The list is below with a suggested hire/donation.

  • 9 frame stainless steel spinner – £10
  • Holding tank – £10
  • Burco boiler suitable for cleaning frames – £5

A nominal hire charge/donation is requested and all equipment is supplied clean, not sterilised. It is your responsibility to ensure that the equipment is sterilised and then returned clean.

The Division also holds a range of items for sale to members at competitive prices

Items include:

Super foundation  – £6 per 10 sheets (wired)
Brood foundation – £10 per 10 sheets (wired or unwired)

Deep brood foundation – £12 per 10 sheets (wired)

If you require unwired foundation – please ask.

BS National Brood Frames
BS National Super Frames

226g [8oz] round jars – IN STOCK POA
226g [8oz] hexagonal jars – IN STOCK POA
454g [1lb] round jars – IN STOCK POA

For details of prices and availability, please contact

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