AGM 2019


Annual General Meeting
Dengie 100 & Maldon Beekeepers

Division of Essex Beekeepers
Registered charity No 1031419

The AGM will take place at
The Oakhouse, High Street, Maldon CM9 5PF on
Wednesday 20 February 2019
7.30pm for 8pm start

 This will be followed by a presentation

Chad Colby-Blake, Bees and the law

chad colby blake image

On behalf of the DMBKA Committee, I am pleased to invite you to attend the forthcoming Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Dengie 100 & Maldon Beekeepers Association.

Please find attached the agenda.  The financial accounts for this year will be presented at the meeting and will be made available on the website Maldon Beekeepersfollowing the meeting.

Voting members are those who have paid subscriptions for 2018, whose names appear on the Members Register held by the Division and in line with the Rules of EBKA.


  1. Opening of Meeting
  2. Apologies
  3. Confirmation of Minutes of previous Annual General Meeting – 2018 Minutes of Meeting
  4. Presentation of Annual Report by Chairman 2018
  5. Adoption of Annual Report – 2018 Balance Sheet - Examined & Final CopyDMBKA – AGM – 2018 Accounts Certified
  6. Presentation of Treasurer’s report 2018 – 2019 Asset Register
  7. Election of Executive:
    Chairman       David Mills     Proposed:    Carlie Mayes         Seconded: Glenn Mayes
    Trustee           Glenn Mayes   Proposed:   Peter Davidson     Seconded:  Ron Pratt
    Treasurer       Jo Boden (3)    Proposed:       Jo Boden             Seconded:   Carlie Mayes
    Secretary        Sylvina Tate   Proposed:      Carlie Mayes        Seconded:  Jo Boden
    Committee   Carlie Mayes    Proposed:       Carlie Mayes        Seconded:  Jo Boden
    Committee    Darren Burge  Proposed:    Darren Burge         Seconded:  Carlie Mayes
    Committee    John Ferguson Proposed:  John Ferguson         Seconded:  Glenn Mayes
    Committee    Peter Davidson Proposed: Peter Davidson       Seconded:  Ron Pratt
    Committee    Kate Tuerena   Proposed:  Kate Tuerena           Seconded:  Carlie Mayes
    Committee    Ron Pratt         Proposed:  Ron Pratt     Seconded:  Peter Davidson
    Committee    James Scott     Proposed:  James Scott                Seconded:  Carlie Mayes
  1. Appointment of Accountants: Harvey Smith & Son, Burnham
  2. Confirm Roy Carter as President
  3. Ratification of
    1. Terms of Reference 2019
    2. 2019 – Swarm Policy Protocol and Exit Strategies and Tenant Agreement 2019
    3. 2019 Swarm Policy & Protocol
    4. DRAFT – GPDR
    5. DRAFT Child Safety Policy
    6. 2019 Bees in Chimneys Policy
  4. Closure


Agenda for download  2019 Agenda

Please ensure that you are a fully paid up member.


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