Taster Workshops 2021

The dates for the Beekeeping Taster workshops for 2021 are

(more information below)
places available on all workshops
all courses are £50 per person
All are Sundays from 11am – 2pm

11 July 2021
Taster Day
11am – 3pm

25 July 2021
Taster Day
11am – 3pm

8 August 2021
Taster Day
11am – 3pm

22 August 2021
Taster Day
11am – 3pm

Text 07979 862952 or email training@maldonbeekeepers.org.uk for more information and to book a place. Gift options available.

Places go very quickly – so book now to avoid disappointment.

There are a maximum number of spaces on each workshop.

The Workshop will give students an overview of the honey bee, what kit is required and an idea of the costs involved. You will also get the opportunity to get up and close with the bees alongside an experienced beekeeper at the bottom of the garden.

A young beekeeper holding their first frame of bees!

A honey bee worker with some very light yellow pollen in her corbicula (pollen baskets) …….
Using a smoker is a typical task for the beekeeper.
One of our trainers showing students a frame with brood and bees on.
Talking about kit over a cup of tea.
Two smiling student beekeepers in clean suits

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